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Field to Fork

CSA Hoedown Highlights Local Food & MLT Conservation. Over 200 guests attended the Oct. 19th event put on by t...

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Gary gets in Gear!

When Deb and I moved to Grand Junction last year we were happy to learn of the Mesa Land Trust.  We had looked at...

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Accreditation Renewal

A 34-year-old organization that’s conserved more than 64,000 acres of agricultural lands, open spaces and wildlif...

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Mesa Land Trust is a private, non-profit organization founded 33 years ago with the understanding that the natural lands that surround us are a precious resource for our community; that the farms & ranches, the wildlife habitat, the scenic natural areas, define this place we call home; that these lands contribute immeasurably to our quality of life.

We also understand the connection between a healthy landscape and a more diversified, resilient economy.  We see that conserved lands support farming and ranching activities that bring in millions of dollars. We know that trail-based recreation, wildlife and wine country underpin our growing tourism economy.  We understand that in a mobile world where many skilled workers and business owners can live almost anywhere, quality of life itself becomes a critical economic driver.

Mesa Land Trust’s mission is simple: to protect agricultural land, wildlife habitat and open space in Mesa County.

We are the only local private land trust in Mesa County qualified to hold conservation easements. We currently protect over 64,000 acres.