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Dine in the Vines

Join us Thursday, September 7th from 5:00pm-8:00pm to celebrate the bounty of our local land at Colterris Winery. D...

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Native Grasses Project Needs Your Support

Native Grasses are valuable forage for wildlife, scenically beautiful, and essential for supporting soils. And, the...

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Gigi Love to Perform House Concert to Benefit MLT

Email Mary Hughes for details and the link to purchase concert tickets.   Gigi Love is the first Trails and Rails...

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Mesa Land Trust is a private, non-profit organization founded 36 years ago with the understanding that the natural lands that surround us are a precious resource for our community; that the farms & ranches, the wildlife habitat, the scenic natural areas, define this place we call home; that these lands contribute immeasurably to our quality of life.

We also understand the connection between a healthy landscape and a more diversified, resilient economy.  We see that conserved lands support farming and ranching activities that bring in millions of dollars. We know that trail-based recreation, wildlife and wine country underpin our growing tourism economy.  We understand that in a mobile world where many skilled workers and business owners can live almost anywhere, quality of life itself becomes a critical economic driver.

Mesa Land Trust’s mission is

To protect and enhance agricultural land, wildlife habitat and scenic lands in western Colorado to benefit the community at large, enrich lives, provide opportunities for outdoor recreation, and ensure our connection to land for generations to come.

We are the only local private land trust in Mesa County qualified to hold conservation easements. We currently protect nearly 66,000 acres.